Monday, December 14, 2015

I'm starting a NonProfit

I've been dreaming of starting a nonprofit organization that provides instruments, music lessons, and music therapy to foster children. I started a fundraiser to buy some guitars for foster children for Christmas. I successfully raised $2000 (including the matched donation from my employer). Because I did this and voiced my dreams about the organization, my friend, coworker, and accountant for the nonprofit that I currently work at is going to help me start the organization and establish a 501C3.

I'm feeling pretty excited. I've known the name of my organization for two years, but I don't want to mention it here in case it's successful someday and people go back and see how crazy I am.

My violin and music was so important to my survival in foster care. It gave me confidence, purpose, and an outlet for my intense emotions. It even gave me a college scholarship! I lost my violin every time I changed schools or foster homes until a foster children organization bought me a violin when I was 14. Now I get to do that for other foster kids! And I get to help foster kids who would otherwise never have the opportunity to play an instrument. Maybe this is my purpose now. Maybe this will make a difference. Maybe.