Saturday, April 6, 2013

Getting a background check

I had a second interview for a job working with young adults in transition from foster care and those with mental health issues.  I got invited back for a third interview on Thursday at the group home.  They called me on Friday and told me that they are moving ahead to background and reference checking.  So... I don't want to get too excited, but unless there is something on my record I'm not aware of, I have a job. 

I will be working twice a much as I did at UCLA, and I will be making $1100 a month less (or over $13,000 a year less), but it's better than nothing.  It is an over night job so I will be able to find a second job and go to grad school once I am a resident of this state.  Sorry I haven't updated in a while.  I've been putting all my energy into finding a job and figuring out a place to live. 

I've been helping my sister a lot.  We've talked about sharing an apartment.  I have some major reservations about that.  I told her we can talk about it, but there would be some big rules if we did that like she would have to be on medication and go to therapy.  She would also have to have some kind of structured activity like school or a volunteer job.  I don't know what to do about that.  There are major pros and MAJOR cons to that idea.  Right now I am leaning towards no, but she is also going back to the middle east for five or six months, so it would really only be a temporary situation.
 Physically I've been doing pretty well.  Still having some digestive issues, but the supplements I am taking are helping a little.  It has only been three weeks since I had surgery so I need to be more patient.  Mentally I've been feeling a little depressed.  I think part of that is the weather here.  I need to invest in one of those "happy lights" or go to a tanning bed.  Part of it is just about finding a job and the difficulty I am having with that.  It's depressing to be applying for jobs that pay half of what I used to make, especially when I didn't use to make that much money in the first place.  I think the amount I will get paid at this new job will qualify me for food benefits, sadly.  Part of it is sadness because I miss my friends and the usual sadness about the friends who choose not to be an active part in my life anymore.  It's hard to constantly go through that, may fault or not.  I miss my friend, S, a lot.  We chat at night a lot on facebook and through text, but I used to see her almost everyday and it's been months now.  I can't wait until I have my own apartment and she can come visit and I can persuade her to move here. 

This job that I may be getting offers benefits, but after 90 days.  So I am not sure how to get my meds until then.  I am sure I will figure something out.  Dr. K wrote me a letter so that Cooper is now my service dog.  This helps quiet my fears that someone will take him away from me.  Cooper is officially my PTSD service dog, which means he doesn't count as a pet in apartments.  It really doesn't make any difference since I have another dog and a cat, but it helps me feel better knowing that no one can take him away, no matter how irrational that fear may be. 

One thing I am excited about is getting an apartment and then finally getting my dogs and my kitty back!  I miss them so much.  

A new friend sent this to me the other day.  I think it's pretty sad and hilarious at the same time.  Fits my situation perfectly: