Monday, February 11, 2013

Today is a new week

I've had one very stressful week.  Living in my car, screwed up relationships. You really learn who cares about you and who doesn't when you are in a crisis of living in your car in freezing temps.  I'm really sad that a friend I've known since I was 12 seems to be really angry with me.  Not even sure what I did there. (Never mind.  I made wrong assumptions).  Have not heard from another friend at all since everything on Friday which makes me feel...  A lot of tough feelings.  I'm batting a thousand with people this week.  Anyway more with my week-- migraines, panic, anxiety, just feeling totally hopeless and overwhelmed with life.  I am lucky that my former therapist let me call her and sob on the phone.  I asked her not to, but I think Dr. K even tried to call people for me, even though I don't think she ever got a response. 

So far this Monday I have:  A place to stay for a little while (Vegans to the rescue.  Thank you!).  A car that still runs.  Have been spending time with an old friend (a friend from a long time ago, not an elderly friend), and I had a job interview today.  I totally rocked this interview.  I feel really good about it.  I made them laugh (but not too much) and they said I asked really good questions.  There was an easy kind of chemistry between me and the three women who were interviewing me.  It was not at all like the interview I had before.  After the interview I was given an exam.  I'm not sure how well I did on that, but I showed all my work, hopefully they won't count a wrong answer or two that much against me.  I really feel super confident I might get this job, and it pays pretty well with good insurance.  I feel super qualified and confident in my skills for the job too.  Feeling calmer and a little bit more hopeful than I have in a while.  Although I'm also a bit scared of this feeling.