Saturday, January 19, 2013

Still figuring things out

I still don't have much of a plan.  My amazing friend told me that I could put as much of my stuff in her storage unit that will fit.  Hopefully I can fit my table and credenza in there.  I am feeling very attached to them.  They are my first pieces of adult furniture that have ever been mine.  I know they are just "stuff," but I tend to get overly attached to my stuff. 

My ex gf is looking for an apartment that will let her keep the dogs for a few months, so that makes me feel better.  I'm happy that she's doing that, even though she says things that hurt my feelings about all of it.  I think she sometimes forgets that we got these animals together, they are her responsibility too.

One good thing is that my unemployment might get extended.  I have to wait and see if this new extension applies to me too.  I really hope it does because I found out that it takes more than six months to get approved or denied for disability.  If I get unemployment I am hoping to find someone renting a room for a short time in the new city until I get a job and save up enough money to get an apartment and go pick up my dogs.  Moving out of state is surprisingly expensive.  

I still have to pack up my stuff, fix holes in the walls (from artwork, etc...) in the current apartment, and put all my stuff in my friend's storage unit.  I have to figure out what to do for health insurance.  I have a weeks worth of meds left and then I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  The only med I'm super worried about is my Lexapro because weird thing start happening when I miss a few days.  I get these weird electrical zaps in my brain.  I feel dizzy and vertigo-ish.  Maybe it will be okay if I just take half of my Lexapro, the withdrawals won't be so bad.

I'm super stressed.  I have had a permanent headache these last couple of weeks.  I obsessively check my email, still waiting to see if I got the job or not, or if I will get invited to a new interview.  I have an appointment for a temp agency in the new city on Feb. 1st.

I have couched surfed before.  I feel a little better knowing that I probably won't lose my dogs or cat.  They are my family.  I love them.  I need them.