Thursday, August 23, 2012

Screw you Lonnie in San Diego

I am so tired of being called a liar. Why does everyone call me a fucking liar? My whole life I've called a liar. Why? Why doesn't anyone ever believe me? My whole life is one big fucking lie. My whole life is one big fucking mistake.  God, I can't fucking do this anymore.  I just can't.

Last time I was put on a 14 day hold I wasn't offered a hearing until four days after the hold started.  I wasn't offered voluntary care.  I had a patient advocate meet with me for literally three minutes before meeting began.  So fuck you for thinking you know everything just because you can google 5150 and 5250 laws.

To address your last comment that I deleted:  If I am not allowed to leave, it is very much against my will.

Also you can be a "voluntary" patient and still be held against your will by being told that you will be put on a hold if you don't want to stay.  So you're voluntary unless you decide to leave.  So...  you clearly know NOTHING when it comes to what really happens.  Leave me alone.