Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wanna see where it all happened?

I'm feeling kinda giddy right now.  Red wine.  Maybe ill take a walk since I've been in bed all day.  I have this strange desire to cut my hair.  Not gonna cuz that's ridiculous.

Do you see the pictures of the house below.  Isn't it hilarious?  I can't stop giggling.  Its so absurd.  This stupid little house and bathroom with rubber ducky tiles.  Hahahahahaha!  Omg.  I'm not sure why its so funny to me right now. 
A friend said she's done with me and I think its hilarious.  I knew it would happen, cuz I'm seriously messed up.  What kind of person only has a blog to turn to?  Haha.  Sad, but kinda funny too. 
Do you need a passport to get into mexico now?  I have this picture of my brother and me on a donkey.  I'm not sure where it was taken, probably in Nogales Mexico?  Its the town that borders the az border.

This house is so small.  Its ridiculous.  Its absurd.  How can a place with rubber ducky tiles be something I have nightmares about?  Haha, I'm totally stupid.and insane.

I mean, how insane is it that this place was where my child porn was made?  This place is where I did so many fucked up things...and it has rubber ducky tiles.  Hahahahahahahaha. 

This place is where the child porn was made.  The same child porn that sick people are beating off to right now.  Life is strange and because I made child porn and someone showed me what a fucked up thing I did, he is going to prison for a long long time.  The rubber ducky bathroom is the place where this person lived with me.  The person I'm sending to prison.  Hahaha.  Rubber ducky tiles.  Its funny because its so cute.  Its so cute and it makes me want to vomit. 

I'm taking a father away from two children because of rubber ducky tiles.  Lol.

I'm giggling and I know its not normal, it just seems soo freaking funny all of a sudden.  My ridiculous life experiences are on video and film for people to get off on.  And they probably see a rubber ducky bathroom.  And that closet...I used to hide in it except my floors were wood floors painted turquoise which is funny too. 

Omg.  I think I need to take a walk.  I'm fucking nuts.