Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It's a very very long questionnaire.  I haven't even read all of it yet.  I know these are simple basic questions, but I am not handling them very well.

These are totally out of order and paraphrased.  I really don't know how to answer some of these.

  • How many images and emails did you receive? 
Three emails.  Four images.  One large square of thumbnails.
  • How many adults were in each image?
One adult male
  • How many children were in each images?
One female child
  • Do you know the people in the images?  If so, how.
Adult is my foster father.
Child is me.
  • Where were the images taken?
Foster home.  Name of town, Arizona.
  • Do you know who took the images?
My foster father?  I'm not sure.
  •  Were any other adults ever involved?  If so, who?
  • Describe each image in as much detail as possible.
  • Who were your parents or legal guardians at the time the images were taken?
The state of Arizona.
  • Did you know the offender(s)?  If so, how did you know the offender(s)? 
Yes.  He was my foster father.  Don't know who sent the images.
  • Were other children ever involved, or did you know if the offender ever assaulted other children?
No.  I am not sure.
  • What time of day did the assault/abuse occur?
No specific time.  Many different times of day.
  • How many times did it happen?
I have no idea.  I'm guessing a couple hundred over three years.
  • How old were you when it first began?
  • Did the offender ever threaten you in any way during abuse/assault?
  • Did the offender ever threaten you about reporting the abuse?
No.  I chose not to tell.  He said he didn't want them to take me away and put me "where they put crazy people" because he wanted to adopt me.  He never threatened me.
  • Did the offender use any weapons?
Do body parts count?
  • Did the offender use force?
yes, but not always
  • When did the abuse first begin?
I was 9 in 199X
  • When did it end?
When I was 12.
  • REALLY graphic very long list of multiple choice on kinds of assaults and body parts that were assaulted.
  • Then lots of space for these specific options:
  • Burning?  
  • Biting?
  • Torture?
  • Physical injuries?
  • Other?
  • Did the offender ejaculate?  
  • Lots of very specific questions asking for a description of the "offender(s)."
  • Did the offender smell of anything?
  • Did anyone see what happened to you?
  • Did anyone know about what happened to you?
  • Then lots of VERY specific questions asking me to describe myself, even what my personality is like and the types of clothing I wear.  It asks for my height, weight, body type now and when the abuse occurred.  WTF?

  • Did the offender take anything away from you?

  • Was the abuse ever reported?
  • Did you suffer any injuries or sexually transmitted diseases?
Yes. 3rd degree vaginal tears, uterine laceration and bruising.
  • Were you ever examined by a physician?  If so where?  Do you have any medical records?
Yes.  Kxxx Hospital and XXXX medical center.  I do not personally possess any records.  Records may be obtained through hospitals or DCFS.
  • A question asks me to describe each incident in as much detail as possible.
  • Another question asks if there was anything "unusual" that happened.
  • One question asks me to explain how the abuse has affected me.
  • One question asks how the photos have affected me.
  • One questions asks if they may contact my doctors and therapist "if needed."