Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The sad little parasite

Once upon a time there was a teenage girl that ran away from home and met a truck driver at a truck-stop in California.  A few months later, the universe mistakenly created a girl child despite every effort the couple put into preventing this type of thing from happening.  They looked everywhere for a doctor that could get rid of the teenager's parasite, but by the time they discovered the mistake it was legally too late to rectify it.  And so, a baby was born on October 28th, 198X.  A baby girl that nobody wanted.  The father took off long before the child arrived and the mother had moved back home to Arizona where people could care for her as she prepared for the arrival of evil.  The reluctant teenage mother held the still somewhat blue child after 17 hours of difficult labor and a breached birth.  The baby came out the wrong way, strangled by the very cord that gave it life.  She looked down at the baby.  It looked pretty normal, had all it's fingers and toes.  It wasn't a beauty queen, but it wasn't hideous either.  She looked down at this thing she created and just knew that there was something really wrong with it.  It was fucked up in a lot of ways.  It was not supposed to be sleeping in her arms.  This thing was going to be her parasite for the rest of her life.  She tried really hard to kill it.  She smoked a lot of crack and cigarettes when it was growing inside of her.  She forgot to feed it or change it's disgusting diapers.  The thing was always sick and dirty and crying for her attention.  She hated looking at it.  It grew more and more disgusting and sickly everyday.  Eventually the state came and took the baby away to give the mother a break from the thing.  The Child services decided they didn't want it either so they gave it back.  Then the mother gave it back to the state when she just couldn't tolerate it anymore.  The state took it back, but only for a little while before they had to give it back too.  It went on and on like that for 7 or 8 years.  Eventually the state just had to keep it.  The state tried really hard to find someone who could tolerate it, but it was a very difficult task.  Every home that they put it in said that they just didn't want it.

Eventually there was one home that said they would take it even though there was something seriously wrong with it.  These people kept it and fed it and loved it for 3 years.  It grew taller, gained weight, and it's health improved.  It was no longer so sickly.  They discovered that it had useful skills.  It could clean, and tell jokes, and draw, and play music.  It was entertaining, so they grew to like it.  The father realized that it also had other uses.  This parasite had body parts that he and other people would want.  The parasite's stepfather taught it how to make men feel good, but the foster father need it to know more.  He taught it many lessons even when the lessens had to be tough and painful.  It was the only way this parasite could learn anything.  You see, this parasite was kind of a whore and skillful at making father figures feel good.  It was the only thing this parasite was really good for.  It was the only thing this parasite was worth, so he used it up and damaged it beyond repair so no one else would ever want it.  Even with this useful purpose, it was still a parasite and it still sucked people dry.  This family tried really hard to keep the little fair skinned parasite, but eventually they just couldn't do it anymore, so they dropped it off at the hospital and never saw it again.

The parasite tried really hard to fix what was wrong with it, but no matter what she tried, it didn't work.  She came out wrong and it wasn't fixable.  For the next six years the parasite never lived anywhere longer than a few months, 7 months maximum.  Lots of families felt sorry for it and tried to take care of it.  They tried to love it despite all the warning stories people told them about it.  They couldn't believe that something that was so good at school, and art, and sports could really be a parasite, but once they realized what a fucked up piece of garbage it really was, they tossed it in the trashcan and waited for the garbage truck to come pick it up and take it away.

The parasite became good at wearing costumes.  It tried on quite a lot of them and some of them fit really nicely.  People liked the costumes.  People loved the costumes, but no matter how hard the parasite tried, it was just never good enough at staying in the costume that hide the fucked up parts.  It could never fool people for very long.  It could only wear the little costumes for a little while before the monster that it really was showed through.  Family after family told the parasite that they tried to love it, but it just wasn't possible.  It wasn't worth all the blood sucking chaos inside of it.  It was too weird.  It was too fucked up.  It was only good for fucking.  It was only good for it's body parts.  There would never be anything else about it that anyone could love for very long.

Eventually the parasite was old enough to live on her own and she was pretty good at it.  It even found some new costumes that fooled people, but it is still so lonely and sad and scared and damaged.  It wants to be normal.  It wants to be lovable.  It wants to be worth loving.  It wants to be part of something.  It wants a family.  It wants to be a good friend and good person, but you see, no matter how hard this parasite tries to be something else, something good, it is still nothing but a parasite and it still drains away any love or fondness anyone ever feels for it.  This parasite has nothing to offer people.  There is nothing about it that is worth anything.  No matter what this parasite tries, it is never going to have a family or friends that would ever want it after they found out what it really is, so the sad little parasite will just have to accept itself for what it is.  It is a mistake that came out the wrong way.  Even nature tried to get rid of it a few times.  The Earth doesn't want it either.  Right now the parasite is able to fool one person with a pretty good costume, but once it's girl friend sees what's under it, she'll throw it away too.  The parasite is still good at occasionally fooling a person now and again, so be ware and keep your distance because you do not want this fucked up thing anywhere near you.  The only hope for this disgusting fucked up, blood sucking parasite is that the universe will realize it's mistake and rectify it by putting it out of it's misery.  Eventually the parasite will be where it belongs, in a place that doesn't exist.

The end.