Thursday, January 26, 2012

Friendship bracelets

I feel kind of bouncy and light right now.  Today was a pretty good day.  I have tons to write about with therapy and all, but I'll do that later.
 I have never given someone a friendship bracelet before, so even though I'm in my 20's, I gave one to a friend today.  :-)  Today is a shitty anniversary for her so I put together this box of stuff.  I LOOOOOVE putting together gifts for people, so I was really doing something for me.  LOL  I put the bracelet in there.  It's so super cheesy, but I've never done it before and wanted to because I'm not sure you can get any closer than having someone help you delete your childhood kiddie porn from your computer.  I feel pretty lucky to have made a friend like that.  That's one way my life being so weird has benefited me!  Thanks!

Update:  Look!  I got one in return!  First time I've ever been given a friendship bracelet.