Saturday, November 12, 2011

Scared of myself, in love with my dogs

I feel so disgusted with myself because of the thoughts and urges I had towards my dog and the way I treated her on Thursday.  It scared her but it terrifies me.  I lost control of myself and that really really scares me.  I just want people to know that I've never hurt my dogs and I hope that I never will.  I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I do.  I love them more than anything.  I cook for them.  I get excited about buying them gifts I know they will love.  They go to the park at least four times a week.  When I had a job and some money they went to doggy daycare every once in a while for a day of fun.  I spend so much time and energy teaching them manners and commands so that they can go with me almost anywhere.  I just wanted to post a photo blog of my dogs throughout the years as a tribute to them and so that people can hopefully see that I really love them and don't want to hurt them.  Scout is about 5.  I've had her for four years.  Cooper is almost 6 and I've had him since he was 8 weeks old.

Scout's mug shot at the pound.  1 year old.  Given up because "we don't want her anymore."

When we took her home she was so sick that she barely moved from her bed.  She would not eat and had to be force fed.  She was fully grown and only weighed 30lbs.  The picture below doesn't really convey how skinny she was.  Today she weighs a healthy 64 lbs.  She wouldn't let us touch her and was very scared of going through doors.  It was love at first site when she saw Cooper.  She follows him everywhere and cries when they are separated. We were only supposed to foster her, but she is never leaving. 
Scout three weeks after adoption--finally healthy enough to play and up to 33 lbs
Scout 64 lbs

Modeling her polo shirt

Baby Cooper
First trip to the beach
Joy sleeping with the family.
Very happy boy after an afternoon of chasing his ball
Scout at dog beach
If liquid is falling, they will not go outside without their raincoats
Hiking in Canyon in LA
Scout at Pebble Beach in Big Sur
Scout being a little naughty, but the girl was having fun
Cooper in Santa Cruz
Dog beach
Cooper's Favorite babies bot are beanies I've had since I was 10.
Cooper chasing birds at Morrow Bay, CA
Ready to go camping
Cooper at the Kern River
The only way I can sleep