Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday antibiotics

My birthday was awesome.  I played Laser tag with some friends and I kicked their butts.  I love sneaking around in the dark with a laser gun.  I wish laser tag was a sport with a league that I could join.  It's one of those activities that burns a ton of calories but I love it so I don't notice how hard I'm working until I stop.

We dressed up like zombies for the late-night zombie hike but we got stuck in the Friday traffic in LA and were a few minutes late for the hike so we couldn't find the other zombies.  We went out to eat as zombies instead.  It was a lot of fun.  The park even had this really awesome Halloween carousel.  So we were a bunch of Zombie's on horse skeletons.  It was great.

The next day I went out with my best friend who I haven't seen in a while because she's trying to get into medical school in Costa Rica.  We met up and exchanged birthday gifts because I didn't get to see her on her birthday a week earlier.  It was really great to see her but at the same time I'm sad because I know she's going away.  I avoid her because I know she's going away which I know it's really healthy.  I might not have a lot of friends but the ones I have are really great.  I have two friends from my partial hospitalization group therapy program I did for half the year that I see about five times a week.  They keep me from hiding out in my apartment by myself all day.  They are really great people and great friends.  They know me more than most people and still want to be my friend.  That feels awesome.  They are both over a decade older than me but that doesn't matter to me at all.  We have so much fun that my stomach muscles are sometimes really sore the day after I see them because we laugh so hard.  I've never had friends like that before.

I hate receiving gifts.  It's so awkward and stressful for me.  My friends got me gifts anyway even though I begged them not to.  I got some watercolor pencils.  They are colored pencils that turn into water color paint when you brush them with water.  I had no idea those existed.  They are awesome.  My girlfriend bought me a really awesome wrap up pencil case so I don't have to carry around pencil tins everywhere.  Another friend got me these crazy looking hand puppet tattoos.  They are so funny and I can't wait to use them while playing some kind of drinking game.  Other than a few things that made me a little sad and a panic attack, my birthday could not have been better.

Not my arm, but my problem
I went to the doctor for my weird hives/bug bites and it turns out they are not bug bites or hives.  I have a serious staph infection on the left side of my body.  My doctor can't explain why it's only on the left side and he can't tell me what caused it.  Lots of things can cause it and some of my meds make me more susceptible to rashes.  I haven't cut myself since august but he said that it's possible I've had it since then.  He took a blood sample and took it into the back.  My doctor used all these big scientific names and kept talking but to be honest I tuned out a little bit once I took my pants off.  Because the kind of infection I have and because it has spread to my blood, I have to be on two kinds of antibiotics and a topical antibiotic for two months.  If there is not improvement in three weeks I will have to switch to injections.  The doxycycline makes me feel really sick so I hope I either adjust to it or it at least takes care of my problem.  Right now antibiotics are my middle name... or I am antibiotics middle name.  :-)