Friday, July 29, 2011

LA news

I have much more serious things to talk about but the news in Los Angeles really cracks me up.  It's not at all what the news is like in Arizona.  They have a guy here who dances while he tells the weather.  He's a dorky middle aged white guy that dances to hip hop while he tells you the weather.  It's stupid but hilarious.

What's considered news here is also very different.  There is celebrity gossip.  If there is any kind of police chase they disrupt all the programing to watch it.  I was watching TV last night just for background noise while I worked on some drawings when the breaking news caught my attention.  It seriously made me laugh.

Breaking news!  A crowd got rowdy.
Wow, that's a HUGE crowd in the street.
This is serious people!
Count Smokula is very upset about all the shenanigans!