Monday, April 25, 2011

Written up

I'm getting written up at work for calling in sick today.  My supervisor has to look into how she can write me up but she is going to find anyway to do it because I took a month long leave when I went to the first hospital, waited for the day program to start, and then overdosed and went to the second hospital.  I don't think she can fairly or legally punish me for taking a medical leave, but then again my life has never been fair or legal.  I've never been written up at work before.  I guess this is what happens before they fire you.  I've worked at my job for five years and I have never taken a leave in five years.  In fact I had over 80 hours of sick days because I never used them.  If I get fired then I will lose my insurance and if I lose my insurance I lose my ability to get treatment.

I seriously think the universe is punishing me for something.  I wish I knew what I've done.

My whole life is falling apart.