Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Had a very hard time sleeping last night and getting up this morning.

Had horrible nightmares, one of them with a Harry Potter theme.  (I know... Stop laughing!)

Got up with 15 minutes to get ready.  Drove to my day program.  Paid 10 bucks to park.

Shared in group today.  I felt very cared about by the group but very misunderstood.  I like the people in my group, even the 73 year old nun who talks nonstop and repeats herself over and over again.  I feel like I'm starting to make some friends in the group which is nice.

Saw a doctor that's filling in while Dr. Patrick is on vacation.  He was very nice but not funny like Dr. Patrick.  He prescribed me an as needed medication for anxiety called Klonopin.   I didn't ask for it.  Apparently I just look super anxious all the time.  I asked about a strange metallic taste in my mouth and was told I would have to wait until Dr. Patrick comes back next week.

Found out the woman in my group who had her son taken away by CPS is named Chiji (chee gee).  Her son is named Shaka Zulu.  Seriously. 

Left day program early for a work meeting.

Work meeting was to reprimand me for calling in sick because of a migraine after coming back from medical leave April 4th.

Found out I am getting laid off in two weeks for taking medical leave for one month.  I've worked for this company for five years and have never had an extended leave before in my life.  I know they cannot legally do this, but I just kept my mouth shut.  The only thing I said was, "I don't know what you want me to say."  And "Where do I sign?" And, "Okay, take care."

Went to therapy with CT.  It was okay but I wasn't really able to process very much.  Too much is happening in my life.  I am overwhelmed.  My brain has turned my feelings off again.  I like it. 

But I am sad that I am missing a specially little guys birthday today.  I bought him some matchbox cars and left them on his porch.  Hope he likes them.  

Will drive my girlfriend to the airport tonight because she is going to the Midwest to collect data for her dissertation.