Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thanks "mom"

It would be easier to ignore her if she weren't always right.  I will never have a family because I am defective.  No one loves me for very long.  I'm not fixable. 

your brother told me that you tried to suicide last month.  i am sorry you are in pain.  i wish i could make you better.  i think you begining to understand that their is something wrong with your soul.  its not your falt.  you was born this way.  mabey now you can finaly get some help.  its so dificult to love you.  i'm the one who loves you the most in the world and that only becuse i created you.  i am saposed to love you and its hard for me so it will be imposable for other people not until you fix what is wrong with you.  my wish is you get help and then we can be a family, but i understand why you think dying is easier because it is.  there may not be any help for your soul.  maybe you are unfixiable.  please get some help becuse i don't want to barry a child unless i have to.  you will always be alone until you fix your self.