Saturday, January 8, 2011


It doesn't matter what your religion is.  It doesn't matter what your politics are.  It doesn't matter how much you dislike someone.  It doesn't matter.  None of it matters.  How can people do this to other people?  What is happening to the United States?  To the world?  Why are we so angry?  Why are we so violent?

I'm upset about the mass murder that just happened in my home town of Tucson, Arizona.  Why do people do this to other people?  Who cares what the politics involved are.  Nothing is worth murder.  What about the families of the people involved?  Why?  I can't understand what would motivate someone to do this.  What would motivate someone to commit mass murder?

I'm so sad about the world we live in.  Why are people so violent?  Why are people so savage?  We think we are better and smarter than all other creatures in the world but really we aren't.  We trash our planet.  We ruin our environment.  We hurt our children.  We terrorize and murder each other.  People are horrible disgusting creatures.