Monday, November 1, 2010

Too Much Information!

Having a blog is a very strange thing, especially when people that know you in real life read it. I know my blog makes me seem like I'm a pretty open person, but I'm really not.  There are only a select few people in my life that I've shared anything with.  A VERY select few so as much as I find this blog a bit therapeutic it's also a great source of anxiety for me.  I worry about who is reading it every day.  I write things here that I would never talk about in person--stuff that I haven't even been able to talk about in therapy.  In person it would be strange and uncomfortable.  It would be over-sharing.  It would be socially incorrect and incredibly scary.  This blog gives people a window into my brain.  Is it a window I really want open for others to peak into?  I'm not sure.  My opinion on this issue changes by the hour.  Is this blog worth the risk?  Do I really want people to know this part of me?  Do I really want to let people see just how wounded I really am?  How crazy I am?