Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm only happy when it rains

There is something about the rain that just makes me happy.  I get super excited and can't wait to go outside.  Maybe it's left over from my days of playing in the warm Arizona monsoon storms as a child.  Nothing could be more fun than running outside in whatever I was wearing to play in the rain and mini rivers formed by the storm.  I didn't care about getting wet.  I relished it.  Sometimes I would even jump in the puddles and lay down just to show off to my friends.  I was fearless.  The rain makes me fearless.  The water makes me feel alive and free. Rain usually makes people run away and seek shelter...Most adults anyway.  Not me.  I seek the rain.  Maybe that's why I like the rain so much.  It was my escape.  A place I knew no one would follow me.  A place I could be alone and safe...a place I could be myself.  I could be anything I wanted while it rained.  I could do anything I wanted.  I could run like a maniac in the street screaming and no one would think differently of me.  "Oh, she just loves the rain.  How cute."  I would run and I would scream and I would splash, and the rain would wash away my pain.   And it was fun.